This week's top 3 picks:

1. & 2. AHR & NWG (formerly NHR).

See past blogs for why I'm so bullish on NWG. 

AHR released some results last week: low grades but over a huge area. The low grades caused a quick sell-off among the knee-jerk crowd (a sell-off which, by the way, NWG completely avoided). Both the type of news and quick selloff are VERY similar to what another gold stock, AYX, recently experienced. I expect the similarities between AYX and AHR trends to continue. Like what happenned with AYX, I think the smart money will come in and buy AHR's shares.  Which, for the reasons given by me in past weeks, should continue moving NWG upward, but faster. Don't forget, AHR recently completed a $10mil at $.65, yet is only now trading at $.56. I always tend to trust and follow the big money. Take a look at NWG's press release which puts the AHR's recent news in the right light, IMHO.

3. DNA
Huge land, high grades, dream team management (founders of Aurelian, Continental, etc), 40,000m drilling, very low price right now. Going up soon, we'll see if it's this week.

Last week's picks:

NWG (formerly ticker NHR): started $.34, closed $.39
LEX: started $1.05, closed $1.02
GBB: started $.76, closed $.73

One stock that I picked two-weeks ago, AYX, went from $.73 to close $.85

Do your own DD. I am not a professional.