Today's news was expected and the 1 cent was also expected. Monday on will be the time to watch developments. We've been waiting for the work to commence. At 6.5 cents this one is going to become a big story this year. I expect to see Nr's come out at a respectable pace. Over the next 6 months we should see the sp double or triple. Don't rush to buy just yet. SP should dip down a bit first. When you see that happen then buy in big. I plan to put about $30,000 on it. (Spare change of course) I have no doubt what the minimum is.

I did some fantasy calcs on it to see where it might go in a year or two. My assumptions include better historicals using new tech but not including lode finds. I tried to stay somewhat realistic. I conclude the price could reach $3.80. 

With that said, I expect serious manipulations and trading but at the end of the day this is definately an operating mine. The land plots geology suggests that they may indeed find the head. We know the thrusts and folds and the direction of glaciation. The odds look good especially with airbourne and titan 24's