I had a little lunchtime chat with Mike today. In lieu of some recent posts on the board, I asked him some pointed, straight forward questions regarding many aspects of the company, it's projects and future growth. His commitment and belief in the company and its projects, particularly the viability of Nash Creek, is quite evident.

As we already know, drilling of Nash Creek (New Discovery zone) continues, and should continue until early December or so. He stated that he's expecting further assays any day now. The company is quite excited about this zone. The drill continues to hit mineralization in this brecciated zone in thicknesses up to 30m. As Mike stated, they're "getting alot of bang for their buck". Unlike a majority of holes that companies drill where essentially most of the hole is barren host rock, but must be drilled to access a narrow zone that could be 1/10th (or considerably less) the length of the hole, SLAM is able to practically collar in the mineralization and drill short holes to penetrate the zone "wasting" very little money drilling through a lot of host rock. Mike stated that they'll continue to drill the New Discovery as long as they continue to get this "bang for their buck". If the zone peters out, faulted, etc. or is not returning significant grades, they will move the drill to infill drill to further add to the indicated resource. Mike said that core from the New Discovery continues to look impressive though.

Once the drilling is complete, then they'll update the resource (currently 6 million tonnes he said) and initiate a feasibility study. They fully intend on mining the Nash Creek deposit. As Mike stated, the 2 million tonne high grade resource ITSELF could profitably be mined. A 1000 tonne per day operation of the high grade zone in a "truck haul" operation currently would provide $250/tonne or $250 000 per day over a 6 year mine life. He mentioned that they'd like to initiate mining in this manner to generate revenue, but continue exploring and developing other zones in Nash.

The feasibilty study would examine their own milling costs/process. Mike believes that the economics would be favourable to have their own mill. The study would also examine the possibility of using a gravity concentrator on the lower 2-3% grades, making it feasible to mine that portion of the deposit as well. He stated that mining the deposit would essentially be only one part of the ongoing Nash Creek program, as they believe there's more potential zones that would warrant ongoing exploration of the property.

On another note, there's a crew that will be deployed to Jake Lee any day now. They'll be performing some recon. work, including sample collection. For those not familiar with the Jake Lee project, it's a recently acquired gold project where historic samples from boulders provided assays of up to 10 ozs. gold per tonne.

As far as the share price, the company is as puzzled as investors as to why it's so low (15 million market cap). Mike said they're making a concerted effort to "get the word out", attending two shows/conferences in the last two weeks. He assured me to be patient, that the company is solid fundamentally/financially.

And somewhere about that point, I told him he should get back to work!

I guess that's about all for now. Have a good eveni