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Take a quick look at this one.  It’s an online payment processing company.  The stock fell off because they did not acquire WTS (a US online payment processing company).  As a consequence the stock fell to the 0.05cent range (this is the same management team that started the company NETTELLER is the US). 

There has been no volume or movement for the previous 1.5 months.  Then today house 05 Penson starts attacking the ask, plunging away like no other (yes they kept this up all day). 

The SP went from 0.045 cents to a Dailey high of 0.09 cents, and closed at 0.07 cents.

What does this all mean?  I believe one of two things.  1.  A deal of some sort has been made (ie acquisition either with WTS or another company)  2.  More financing has been done at a higher price (from what I hear on the street, financing is in the works)

Penson knows something, and everyone else will know soon enough.

Please see linked image of level II AOK:


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