Just so everyone is aware, I have been investing in the stock market for well over 30 years. And to be quite honest, I am beginning to "lose faith". in the system. It just seems so stacked against the retail guy that it leaves one feeling helpless. There is ABSOLUTELY no doubt in my mind that the market is the source of the worst crimimnal activity in the world as millions of investors are raped of their money on a daily basis by a "rigged system" powered by fat cats in suits.

  Today is a typical example of "disconnect from the retail guy"  as gold pushes lower this morning, based on the fact "Greek bond holders" may get screwed.based on a default by the Greek government....Really, What complete idiot would invest in short term Greek bonds in the first place, knowing...that if they did, there was a high probability tthey would lose their money..I know I certainly would not but them...But today, everyone all across the News rooms and business wires are talking about "Greek Bondholders" getting screwed by a default...Hello....what is the big surprise here?

  If you have not figured out there is a major "GLOBAL" financial crisis on the horizon, you need to keep yourself informed on "news and events". What makes me laugh to myself, is how all the financial and debt problems are directed strictly at Europe as if the U,S banking system and "fatcats" are "immune from this crisis". Lets face the facts folks, the U.S debt is so huge, the country is basically bankrupt ..their debt will never be repaid, and someone will get screwed in the end...My guess is it will be the "retail guy".

This is where I lose faith in the system....Could someone please explain to me how the heck the U.S dollar could rise under these conditions, and the price of gold falls,,,when the end result will be to "create more money" by cranking up the printing press and printing more worthless currency, that is backed by absolutely nothing. (Other than a countries word that their dollar will ALWAYS be worth a dollar)..(despite the fact your dollar will always buy less, due to rising inflation). One thing I am confident about.....when this crisis finally hits the fatcat bankers in North America...it is not going to be pretty. My feeling about the U.S dollar is pretty simple...the numbers have been "fudged" for many years, eventually the lies will catch up with the system and the mighty U.S dollar will fall and give way to the only powerful currency on the planet..The Chinese Yuan, or renminbi (RMB). I'm cinvinced most Americans are so naive they do not even understand  what a YUAN is , nor could care less what it is.......Eventually they will, as China will be calling the shots on how/when and where the U.S will be paying them interest on the trillions of dollars in U.S treasuries the country of China controls. If you want to see a currency tank,..wait till China starts unloading U.S treasuries...The markets should really focus their eyes on the real proclem..