IXS currently sports a market cap of about  18 million $$- 53 mil O/S at .34 .

Royalty Pharma bought 1 million $  worth of shares at  $ 1.01 and also anted up another  4.5 Million for two royalty interests in IXS's first two products that will be going into testing.  They will pay IXS up to  another 30 million to buy increased interests in these same two products if certain conditions are met.

You total that up and you get $ 35.5  million in royalty payments in a relatively short time. THAT IS NEARLY DOUBLE thier current market valuation.

The market looks ahead and not backwards- there is no bluesky in their current valuation -which leads us to believe there is a long ways to run yet.

IXS has informed us that this is not the end of the products that will be going into testing- research and development will continue as this technology has far- reaching potential in a number of areas of treatment of disease .

But of course the blockbuster news was that their  latest testing found that DXL625, targeting lymphoma, worked better that Rituxan - a mulit billion $ drug currently used .

This prompted the inventor of Rituxan, Dr. Ronald Levy, to join IXS's scientifc research team as an advisor,  and IMO that provides a mountain of credibility to IXS's  Dynamic Crosslinking superantibody technology.

IXS is one of those rare , once in a lifetime opportunities to get on at ground floor  of  one of those 1000% + gainers that you see in the biotech sector.  Remember Imclone? Went from a dollar to over 84$ in less than two years.

Since this news release on Feb 07 - the stock has traded over 43 million shares at an average price of .47 - that is more than the current freetrading float.

InNexus Biotechnology Inc
Symbol IXS
Shares Issued 53,744,648
Close 2008-02-06 C$ 0.15
Recent Sedar Documents

InNexus says study shows DXL625 kills tumour cells

2008-02-07 19:11 ET - News Release

Mr. Jeff Morhet reports


InNexus Biotechnology Inc. is releasing encouraging preliminary results of an in vivo animal study which exhibited DXL625's (CD20's) efficacy in reducing the growth rate of lymphoma cancer tumours.

Based on data from a recently initiated animal study, preliminary data show an increase of potency of the company's first product candidate, DXL625 (CD20), for the prospective treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL). The study compared DXL625 with a control vehicle and Genentech's Rituxan. Previous laboratory studies presented as part of the technology workshop at the IBC Life Science 18th Annual International Antibody Engineering Conference in San Diego indicated that DXL625 may afford greater potency in killing tumour cells and showed increased binding to the target antigen (CD20) on NHL tumor cells.

Dr. Thomas Kindt, InNexus Biotechnology's chief scientific officer, said: "The preliminary results of these initial tests on DXL625 are exciting data corroborating our work to date and providing opportunities of exploration and use of DXL technology. Studies done at InNexus have also discovered that DXL625 has greater killing potency than Rituxan in cell lines of both moderate and low expressors of CD20, the target used to attack NHL."

Additional results demonstrated that DXL625 more potently induced apoptosis (cell suicide) in B-cell lymphoma cells and B-cell leukemia (hairy cells).

"Boosting new and proven monoclonal antibody products will yield critical medical and commercial advantages, making a growing multibillion-dollar product category even better," said Jeff Morhet, chairman and chief executive officer of InNexus Biotechnology. "Our proof-of-principle demonstration suggests that DXL capabilities can be applied to a diverse range of late-stage and prospective treatments. The data are an important example of how InNexus can improve candidates, with possible advances in product life cycles, dosing, product stability and other key parameters."

Teleconference details

InNexus will host an informative teleconference on Monday, Feb. 11, 2008, at 11 a.m. (ET) to discuss its recently announced agreement with Royalty Pharma. Mr. Morhet and Wade Brooksby, chief financial officer, will also discuss the company's focus and operations, including the preclinical program of its lead product -- DXL625 (CD20).

International callers can dial in using 416-849-9626. A playback of the teleconference will be available using the replay number 866-245-6755 and international callers can call using 416-915-1035, and entering passcode 995867. The playback will be available for seven days after the live teleconference.

About non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL)

Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) is a large group of cancers of the immune system. NHL can occur at any age and is often marked by enlarged lymph nodes, fever and weight loss. There are many different types of NHL, which can be divided into aggressive (fast-growing types) and indolent (slow-growing types). Estimated new cases and deaths from NHL in the United States in 2007 -- 63,190 new cases and 18,660 deaths.


This is one to put away for your retirement.