Last month's interview with Rob Chang


Rob Chang – Equity Research Analyst, Metals & Mining, on Kivillaq Energy Corporation and its Angilak Property in Nunavut, Canada

Uranium Investing News had the opportunity to talk with Rob Chang, Research Analyst for  Metals & Mining with Cantor Fitzgerald in Toronto. Rob has been in the financial industry since 1995 with companies such as Versant Partners, Octagon Capital, Middlefield Capital, and BMO Capital Markets.

Uranium Investing News: Thanks very much for taking the time to speak with me this morning. What’s your perspective on the current junior uranium market?

Rob Chang: Sure, thanks for having me. The uranium junior market has been going through some tough times ever since what happened in Fukushima, Japan early last year. As you’ve seen the uranium spot and long term price has been under pressure for that whole period and even though we’ve lately seen some recovery with the producers, the uranium juniors have yet to see an increase except for a few notable companies. In general they have all been trending downwards since Fukushima.

What we have seen though is that some companies have taken advantage of the lower prices and have looked into and completed some acquisitions. In fact what we’ve noticed since Fukushima is that there have been seven meaningful transactions in the uranium space where we see larger uranium companies acquire smaller ones as opposed to in the previous two years leading up to Fukushima where there were only three transactions. So we’re certainly seeing some opportunistic acquisitions happening in the space.

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UIN: Can you tell me why Kivalliq stands out for you and why you consider it a good investment?

UIN: Kivalliq announced their first 43-101 compliant resource in March of this year. Can you put this resource in perspective compared to the Angilak project as a whole?

UIN: Kivalliq is in Nunavut in Northern Canada. Investors might be concerned about access to infrastructure in such a remote part of the world. What would you tell a Cantor Fitzgerald client about that?

UIN: Olympic Dam in Australia is a long way from Kivalliq in Nunavut. But BHP’s decision to delay expansion at Olympic Dam is big for uranium. Do you see it having any impact on Kivalliq?

UIN: If investors want more information on your coverage of Kivalliq, what is the best way for them to contact you?