On John and Hein putting money in: two things.  First, this could be another great example of people with money putting money in at the right time.  And only time will tell.  Second - it could be friends bailing out a friend. 

But they might not have had much choice, if the alternative was selling the shares in the market.

On Damien: Damien's intent has been clear all along.  He is doing this to make money.  By supporting FVR in the market, his intent was clearly to increase the success of FVR and make money in the process.

If Damien's mistake is in not seeing the depths to which the market has dropped, he certainly isn't the only one.  Betting the "family farm" is certainly a risky move, but success and failure are both derived from risk.  One thing I am sure of is Damien might be down, but he is not out.