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Cream Minerals (TSX-V: CMA; Pink Sheets: CRMXF)
Endeavour Silver (AMEX: EXK; TSX: EDR)

With all this cash it now seems unlikely that Cream is going to accept Endeavour’s latest attemptto get a piece of Nuevo Milenio through a joint venture agreement.Indeed, we find Endeavour’s latest proposal to be much less attractivefor Cream Shareholders compared with the all-share offer which itselfhas already been rejected. Looking back Endeavour probably shouldn’thave been so greedy early on, but then again it wasn’t as if Endeavourcould have known that silver was about to rise 50% between October 2010and the end of the year when making their initial offer. [Zurbo]

Amazon Mining (TSX-V: AMZ; Pink Sheets: AMHPF)
Secretary of Finance Assents Special Tax Treatment for Cerrado Verde Potash Project – December 22, 2010

Moregreat news for Amazon. The only things we have to be upset about isnot buying even more shares when it was flirting with C$1.00 in thesummer of 2010.

What a beautiful chart! [Zurbo]

Franco-Nevada (TSX: FNV; Pink Sheets: FNNVF)
Gold Wheaton (TSX: GLW; Pink Sheets: GLWGF)
Merged Gold Miners to Address Warrant Issue – December 22, 2010

Thepossibility that Franco-Nevada might sweeten the pot for Gold Wheatonwarrant holders is interesting, and we will factor in for thispotentiality in our upcoming Top 10 Warrants report for subscribers of Metal Augmentor.For now here’s an explanation of how to convert the $10 strike GoldWheaton warrant (something which has led to plenty of confusion amongwarrant holders):

One way to look at this situation is todetermine the number of warrants that will need to be exercised toreceive 1 share of Franco-Nevada. To find this first divide the current1:1 warrant conversion ratio (i.e. you need 1 Gold Wheaton warrant toreceive 1 Gold Wheaton share upon exercise) by the 0.0934 takeover ratio(i.e. number of Franco-Nevada shares received per share of GoldWheaton held) to arrive at a new warrant conversion ratio of about 10.7to 1 (i.e you’ll need to exercise 10.7 Gold Wheaton warrants toreceive one share of Franco-Nevada). Using this 10.7 warrant conversionratio we can determine that the Franco-equivalent strike price is$84.80 (i.e. difference between the original $10 strike minus $2.08cash portion of takeover offer multiplied by the 10.7 warrantconversion ratio).

To sum things up, here are the new Franco-Equivalent warrant parameters:

  • Strike: $84.80 (adjusted downwards for cash portion of takeover offer that would be received upon exercising the warrant)
  • Warrant Price:
  • Warrant Conversion Ratio: 10.7 to 1

And here’s a chart of how the Gold Wheaton warrants have performed over the past few months:

InterestinglyFranco-Nevada currently has 2 warrants of its own, one of which doesnot expire until June 16, 2017 with an exercise price of $75 (not farfrom the converted Gold Wheaton warrant). We’ll have more to say in ourupcoming Top 10 Warrants report.

Tanzanian Royalty(AMEX: TRE; TSX: TNX)
Tanzanian Royalty and Stamico Join Forces to Develop Advanced Stage Buckreef Mine Project
– December 21, 2010

Thisis all fine and well, but we’re talking about a relatively smallproject with a 30 month development timeline for a company valued atnearly $700 million. It’s not enough to get us interested. [Zurbo]

Mines Management (AMEX: MGN; TSX: MGT)
Positive Preliminary Economic Assessment Completed for the Montanore Silver-Copper Project
– December 22, 2010

Pluggingthe results of the PEA into our valuation model gives us a base casevalue using current metal prices of about $20 per share. So clearlythere is plenty of upside in store for shareholders if Montanore can be brought into production. [Zurbo]

Baja Mining (TSX: BAJ; Pink Sheets: BAJFF)
Baja Closes Copper Hedging for Boleo Project
– December 20, 2010

Generallywe’re impressed that Baja is now full funded and moving forward withBoleo. Using current metal prices and accounting for the hedge ourmodel generates a base case valuation target of about $3.40 per share.With that said, Boleo is going to be a relatively complex miningoperation so there’s no reason to expect the company to trade at itsvaluation target with so much left to prove. [Zurbo]

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