VST is now at all time lows. 

This is just unbelievable.

I keep adding to my position, slowly and carefully, since this play, is in one of the most prolific oil regions in the world, northern IRAQ. 

In Kurdistan, finding oil is about 100%, which was confirmed by JV partner NIKO on BNN.

VST is getting killed because it is tied to WZR right now.  WZR is drilling in Kurdistan right now, and is near depths.

But has been beaten down by this awful market, but the insiders lately have been loading up on the open market, which is  very interesting.

It looks like WZR has found oil, and if they have, VST will follow WZR big time.

And if  WZR doesn't find oil, than VST has already priced in all, but total collapse, which isn't going to happen, since they just raised $35.

This is an awesome opportunity,  since, once the market calms down, VST will start to move big time, and once drilling starts, VST will be a $4 to $8 stock.

Those who will make money in this market, aren't the ones who panic, but are those who look forward, and see beyond the nonsense.

VST will make people rich. And I have never seen a better HOMERUN play ever.  And in this awful market, a play like VST will easily bring people back from the brink.