VST is about to announce drilling. VST is off its high of $.95 in sept and below the$.75 PP price. VST will soon breakout big. VST is just too oversold. Especially as WZR, VSTs neighbor is on fire, after announceing oil and gas shows at depth. However, VSTis still at low levels, and VST has a bigger target and reserve estimate than WZR. WZR made a major nat gas discovery last nov., but this discovery limits how much oil they will find. But VST is seeping oil, indicateing oil on VSTs Black Mountain will be shallower, indicateing a potentialy much bigger discovery. Plus VSTs first target is 65 square km, 7 to 8 layers deep, that's jaw dropping. WZR may have made a major discovery, but VST is the more high impact play. Right now WZRs upside is limited, due to how deep their discovery is, but VST has the oil seeps, and a potential multi billion barrel discovery, which would take VST to $20. WZR last year had a big almost 600% move into drilling, expect the same for VST. And it will happen soon.