VST broke out today on BIG VOLUME, along with other Kurdistan plays WZR and LFD. Recently, in all 3 we've seen insider buying, in the public market. Rumor is that KNOC, a Korean gov oil company has hit, on a block neighbourimg VST. A Korean news article backs this rumor up, indicating Nomads on the Bazian Block have already discovered oil. VST is tradeing at a discount to it's $.75 financing level, and a big discount from it's $.95 September high. If the rumors are true, VST will break the $1 level, and test the $1.40 high of last year, especially as VST is nearing drilling. This is important, because VSTs neighbours, WZR and HOC went up 500 to 600% from the lows VST saw this month. I fully expect VST to do the same or more. Especially as VST already neighbours the HOC 2 to 4 billion discovery, and oil is seeping all over VSTs "Black Mountain""Seoul+Economist"&cd=20&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us