XE is the most undervalued play on the Venture. XE was $8, less than 2 years ago. Now XE is in the $.30s. XE is close to FSY. Both are in the same region in Namibia. Both are showing similar samples, and now that uranium spot prices have bottomed, uranium is the place to be. XE rocketed to almost $.80 in febuary. On news that FSY would get bought out for $7 a share. But do to market conditions, the buyout was delayed, and as a result both FSY and XE suffered. But now news has come out that even though the FSY buyout is delayed, till the summer, but the good news is that the $7 buyout price is on the table stillSo to summarize,FSY will get $7 a share in the summer, and XE is under $.40. Both are similar plays, but XE has more land, but is earlier in developement.I see XE going to $4 to $8 in the next 2 to 3 years. Get into XE before the market realizes how cheap XE is, and how much money it will make shareholders in the next few years.