I have been telling readers that the markets since April have been rolling over and readers choose to ignore this even after we have already lost 1000 points.

This week the 50 day moving average has crossed down over the 90 day indicating that the technical’s are breaking down yet people see this as a buying op? I do not see this as a buying op but one to sell.

News of Europe debt along with China slowing down combined with the Stimulus money drying up before the economy can support itself are just a few strong arguments to take money out.

Today you have President Obama commenting on a Double Dip so this should open your eyes and ears. Goldman Sachs saying to sell commodities a month ago then says to buy.?


Madclown has seen this before and this last month is saying time to sell. Who were the ones that got burned last crashed? The average smucks got burned while the firms sold ahead of crash.

If you don't believe the news then believe the technicl's....If you don't believe the technical's then listen to the news.

Yes you can make money in the markets on a daily base but to leave your money sit at risk? well you have been told