Long Term vs Short Term Investing

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These days with 24 hour financial TV stations and dozens of online investing options more and more of us are looking to invest our money in stocks. Keith @ PennyStockWhizzkid.com The problem is that as exciting as day trading can be, investors should really have a long term perspective when it comes to their money than a short term “day trader” mentality.

  • Should You Invest For the Long or Short-Term

    120 Reads | 0 Comments | June 6, 2014

    The first thing you need to pay heed to when evaluating long term investing vs short term investing opportunities is to understand that before investing in long term stock you must be very careful about how much you end up investing. The wrong choice can end up costing you more than you have saved. In addition, before purchasing your stock you must also evaluate it to determine whether it is...