And with all the far flung corners of the world they are in it is my guess they (management of RSG) would like to securely Mobiley like to stay in contact with the home office in Canada.

Well I have a suggestion for these folks it deals with another smallcap Canadian company called Route1(ROI-V) and they have just such a product. There are already used by banks and governments using it so my guess is it will serve the gold sector companies very well as a lot of their communications are done from long distances.

The device is called a "MobiKEY" and to me it could be technoligy GOLD.


This is their recent offer to Toronto GO TRAIN travelers.

Given the need for business continuity planning in the event of a GO Transit commuter train stoppage, Route1 has extended its traditional 15-day trial offer to 30 days for GTA-based businesses that activate their trial MobiKEYs before February 28, 2007.

Businesses can sign up for the free trial offer by clicking below and completing the submission form.


I think it could work well for the globe trotting GOLD industry as well.