At a quick glance SNO-V seems to be the hands down winner over Tahara TAH one thing for sure they both have in common is their head office is in one location and their production or worksite is in another remote location.

It makes one wonder if they would like to be able to use their home office computers Mobiley.

My guess is yes, so I wonder if they would find a product by a small Canadian company called Route1 (ROI-V) "The MobiKEY" of any use again my guess is yes.

Check out this recent offer to Toronto and surrounding area residents (folks that would take the GO TRAIN into work)

Given the need for business continuity planning in the event of a GO Transit commuter train stoppage, Route1 has extended its traditional 15-day trial offer to 30 days for GTA-based businesses that activate their trial MobiKEYs before February 28, 2007.

Businesses can sign up for the free trial offer by clicking below and completing the submission form.