This looks poised for yet another move up in my opinion. Take a minute to check out what this company is all about. This story seems like the very definaition of "market traction".

Enterprise Oilfield Group Inc. (E:CA)


Enterprise Group, Inc. (TSX - E) is a growing consolidator of profitable businesses providing services to the utility, energy and construction sectors of Canada's robust economy. With office headquarters in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, and construction offices in Slave Lake, Innisfail, Morinville and Sherwood Park, Alberta, Enterprise is strategically located near our customers.

With a growing cost asset base of approximately $17.5 million including a fleet of over 300 units inclusive of trucks and heavy equipment, Enterprise installs underground utilities, pipelines and rents heavy equipment and flameless heating units all over the three Western Canadian Provinces. The Company's strategy is to acquire profitable businesses in Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, consolidating capital, management and human resources to support continued growth. Enterprise has completed four acquisitions since 2005.

E One Limited is a heavy equipment rental company located in Edmonton. With a large fleet of rental equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry.


Artic Therm premises
Providing an efficient Flameless Heat and Green Air technology for multiple applications using portable equipment to remote locations for the extreme climate challenges.
T.C. Backhoe & Directional Drilling LP is an industry leader in utility and pipeline construction working throughout Alberta. Our services include directional drilling, hydrovacing, trenching and plowing, backhoe and dozer work, as well as complete site clean-up.

T.C. Backhoe was recently presented with the Bruce Wilson Contractor Safety Award by the Edmonton Area Pipeline and Utility Operators’ Committee (EAPUOC) in recognition of over 30 years of safety excellence working around buried pipelines and cables.