You may have heard that the PQ Party is trying very hard to stop Natural Gas from being drilled for in Quebec.
They are against creating ANY WEALTH and keeping Quebecers, and heck the rest of Canada, as poor as possible to potentially win a couple of votes from uninformed folks.

I thought the biggest loser of the PQ party was the rest of Canada constantly listening to their bol$hit!
Now I know the biggest loser of a PQ govt/party:  QUEBECERS!  LOL
What a STUPID opposition party.
They oughta merge with the 'greens' and live in the forest.  Oh wait, they cant because Hydro Quebec is FLOODING IT ALL!   LOL   dumb dumb da dumb

I got 2 things to say to the PQ party:   Dont go looking to Alberta for more money you idiots, we dont have any for you.  In fact, after Danielle Smith of the Wildrose Party wins power next year, you're going to have to find money to give us back, you stupid losers!   LOL

cut cut cut PQ  CUT HARD.
And dont forget to tell all the folks you are cutting assistance to(health care/police/education/day care/artists/bums/losers) why you are doing it, its because you dont want to develop clean energy and create high paying jobs.  HILARIOUS


Please spread the word, these people are trying to ruin Quebec and Canada.