Now that we have this party started, how far does it go?  Well if we are talking physical metals, then 2015 would probably be longer range outlook according to those who are familiar with cycles and hasve the background to be taken seriously.  For short term, in gold we could get  a rest period just over $1200, which is logical and a respite before we move into January to April where we see ( dare I say $1300 and higher?)  

What about Silver?  This market makes no sense at all. On a percentage basis or daily movement, whatever way you want to cut it, silver trades like it has an anchor around it's neck. My guess is that it is not free traded like Apple shares. But, there is a saying that "no one in history has been able to manipulate the primary trend for long and the market direction in primary trend will prevail. 

Anyway..what looks hot for an untrained eye?  ( non licensed and not a solicitation commentary)
Well, I have pushed GPR    since August and I believe it is ready for a new leg up along with some other juniors. This is based on the near pathetic price of $17.50 which seems like a ceiling for silver. Once it crealy breaks $18 plus and holdsss....the charge for $21 is on and I think the primary silver traders ( amanipulators) are well aware of GPR looks good even though it has mde reasonable gains since August ( first blog on juniors)

Orko Silver.....sitting on mega ounces proven up in 43-101 and currently the beneficiary of PAA renown drill expertise. How long does it take to prove up 200 million ounces?  Well the infill drilling is being done at 50 meters apart now, as compared to 100 meters done by   Orko, so without much effort that should fatten up the ounces. The average grade still ranks way up in top 5 undeveloped silver deposits in world. And new exploration drilling should be known within a month or so.
Simply the juniors attract interest and bigger money seeks the VEnture exchange, real resources proven up will be a prime consideration. Orko is easily a leader. But don't trust my judgement, check with Rob McEwen, who has a very high opinion of Orko Silver and includes it in his Junior Index.

On the chart I choose 1 year specifically to show an interesting rounded type  double bottom from April to September and bit of a handle or consolidation period forming. Being a junior, TA is not always great, but this is developing some good charactaristics. Identified earlier as a cup and handle by my trading friend Boolish, this does have a look of breaking out over the April high of aprox/ $1.12 and if we want to measure the bullish cup and handle formation it would suggest a move  in very rough terms to about $1.60. IMHO 

Silvercorp...what do you say about a company that mines the old fashion way and funds all drilling with i'ts own cash flow?  And pays a divident and has the lowest cost per ounce of aproximately  -$5 ounce  of any silver producer. You have to visit the site to really appreciate what they are doing. Chart wise..( looking at 3 year longer chart) ....this has miles to go. 

Pinetree Capital...a bit of a spec play here that funds many juniors and holds shares in alot of microcaps. The timing has to be right for this, as in the lower channel of oversold, this looks terrible. As juniors gain favour and get strong bids, this can and will be a leader. Chart looks inviting....Slightly down slopping wedge starting in June and several oscillators just starting to turn up?  MACD etc.  Speculative and perhaps not an instant lottery winner, but no doubt will be there in the winners circle at payoff window.

 A couple quick updates......ON Silver Wheaton. my friend AP should be liking the $16 per share handle on that.
A previous spec play with considerable warning...Orex, is looking good at .18   Although I have to admist I am completely out of Eastmain and couple others, as better prospects have replaced them......Royal Gold and Franco Nevada ( not juniors and not producers, but after seeing some of the big losses on increased production the royalty model still looks best MHO.

Anyway...cheers to pm bulls, and friends