In a previous post: Risk your cash with GUL or play it safe with CLL?, I mentioned that Gul is a huge risk and sometimes it's best to go with something something a little more secure but still good for the long run.  I mentioned CLL as that stock.  Now Maysteeler23 Replied to my post by saying there are better stocks than CLL such as OIL and he does prove a point.  CLL isn't your only alternative, there's UTS, OIL, CLL, ETC.  I used CLL as an example because I don't own any shares thus I'm not biased to the stock.  I'm pretty sure Maysteeler23 owns OIL so there's that bias point of view kicking in but none the less he does have a crazy amount of info on a few selected oil stocks.  So just wanted to correct myself and mention that CLL might not be the best out there, but it's still a very good option for the long term.  It's a shame it's still in the 3-4 dollar range. So Maysteeler23 thanks for the rebudle and I hope to see many more!