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Stock Investing and Stock Trading Articles for Beginners

  • Does Maysteeler get paid to pump GUL??????

    106 Reads | 4 Comments | April 23, 2007

      Sometimes I wonder.  3-6 posts a day on GUL and even when the thing tanks because the drill that was supposed to make people 1000% on the stock didn't even happen.  What are your thoughts people? 

  • Is the Moly Boom dead????

    110 Reads | 0 Comments | April 11, 2007

    Junior moly stocks have been taking a turn for the worst in the past week.  It might be just a correction due to the insane moly boom in the past month.  Only time will tell but you can't go wrong with BLE.  BLE is sprott's favorite moly stock and one to have in your portfolio for 2007.  Look for BLE to be above 19 bucks by the years end.  Mol seems to be another...

  • BUY OCL and lose more money!!!!

    114 Reads | 1 Comment | April 11, 2007

      GUL = OCL = Owned and pumped by Maysteeler23 = crash and burn not once but twice!Enough said

  • Molybdenum Mining Stocks? Check with Locals......

    98 Reads | 0 Comments | April 11, 2007

    Source: and investors are climbing aboard as greater interest emerges in molybdenum. The silvery white metal adds anti-corrosive properties to everything from pipelines and power plants to desalination plants, automotive parts and air pollution systems. Find out if the project has permits before jumping into the moly mania. We...

  • Uranium price surge fuels industry activity

    93 Reads | 0 Comments | April 11, 2007

     Source: The price of uranium has soared by almost 20 per cent this week, to a record $113 (£57.59) per pound, fulfilling the expectations of those who expected it to break through the $100 mark this year. The rise, prompted by a shortage of the metal and an interest in nuclear energy as an alternative to fossil fuel, has been accompanied...

  • Two Moly stocks for slow steady growth

    67 Reads | 0 Comments | April 11, 2007

      Look at BLE and MOL...... both not taken a beating by the latest moly correction and both steadily increasing week after week.  Don't expect a 100% gain in a week though.  lets go MOLY!!!!!!!!

  • ARU to be taken over this year?

    99 Reads | 0 Comments | April 11, 2007

      Watched somebody talk about ARU today.  He has no doubt that ARU will be taken out in the next year because of it's great U grades.  If URA was in Canada it would already have been taken over but do to south american politics, etc.... people are a tad nervous of buying it at the moment.  If I remmeber the guys name, I'll post it on the blog.  faron

  • I wouldn't Touch Gul with a ten foot pole!!!!!!!

    80 Reads | 0 Comments | April 11, 2007

      It got hyped and it crashed and burned. These aren't great levels for this thing slowly drift to nothing until another "huge discovery potential" can rob more dumb investors. Beware of those constantly pumping the same stocks!!!!!!!!!!1Faron

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