t.SI - Sirit - Applications

RFID applications are limited only by the imagination of those that use the technology.  Many applications will become more cost effective as the price of individual tags reduces with volumes manufactured, and other opportunities will be enabled as new technologies develop.

  • Automatic Vehicle Identification - use of a tag to identify the vehicle to gain access to restricted areas such as parking or gated communities and to allow for electronic payment of tolls
  • MOBILE PHONES - Retail payments, ticketing, passes
  • Supply chain automation - tracking of inventory throughout the supply chain to allow for higher visibility and control of goods as they move from manufacturer to retailer to consumer
  • Asset tracking - tracking of assets in offices, labs, warehouses, pallets and containers in the supply chain, books in libraries
  • Medical applications - linking a patient with key drugs, personnel giving the drugs, biometric measurements
  • People tracking - security tracking for entrance management or security, contact management at events, identification tags in hospitals to manage healthcare of patients
  • Manufacturing - tracking of parts during manufacture, tracking of assembled items
  • Retail - tracking store trolleys in supermarkets, active shelves
  • Warehouses - Real-time inventory by automated identification of items in warehouses, distribution centres and retail floors.
  • Livestock - implanted RFID tags in animals for tracking and linking the animal to food, location, vaccination and health history.
  • Timing - sports event timing to track athletes as they start a race and pass the finish line