I fired off the following email to Guy Hebert, Strateco CEO over the weekend.


please tell me if you are planning a promotional drive anytime soon to
let everybody know how great your company is.

why do you think the share price has been so flat recently?

which month do you think will be the most active for news releases?

do you think it is still worth exploring mont laurier seeing how the
market is reacting to nova uranium's results?

thank you,


And I got the following response:

Hi Mike,

Regarding promotion.A site visit (Matoush) is planed for the third week of August for 7 senior mining analysts and Northern Miner journal.In September 10 days trip in Europe is scheduled including a speech on September 22 in London to UK mining analysts.

Summer market is always flat for volume.Yes is still worth to work Mont-Laurier.I worked there in 1973 and we know that we have the best piece of ground in the area.



The site visit to Matoush is going to be very good to spread the good word on Strateco and getting Northern Miner publicity is never a bad thing.

I am very interested that Guy is not fazed with the Nova break down and he thinks he has a good piece of property there.

Today the share price once again let off a penny and closed at $0.80. I think the accumulation is still going on and I noticed that Canaccord picked up many of the shares today.

5:57 0.800 18,000 -0.010 Canaccord Haywood
15:55 0.800 16,000 -0.010 Canaccord Haywood
15:54 0.800 500 -0.010 Canaccord Scotia
15:51 0.800 4,000 -0.010 E*TRADE Sec. Anonymous
15:51 0.800 36,000 -0.010 Canaccord Anonymous
15:35 0.800 20,000 -0.010 Canaccord Dundee
15:12 0.800 6,500 -0.010 Canaccord TD Securities
14:59 0.800 30,000 -0.010 Canaccord Canaccord
14:59 0.800 3,500 -0.010 Canaccord Ntl. Bank Fin.
14:42 0.800 2,000 -0.010 Canaccord E*TRADE Sec

If you haven't picked up shares yet, buy a small test position with a 25% stop loss.

Of course I can't guarantee it will go up but I think that when professional accumulation picks up most of the liquid float, great news will blast the price up because the pros will intentionally keep supply down to push the price higher than what it maybe should go. Then in a couple very high volume days most of the shares that it took them pain staking weeks to pick up will be in the hands of eager sheep.

That has been my prediction and will continue to stand. However, like I said, I don't know if it will happen for sure so limit your downside to something very small.

However, if a break out does occur then continue to pyramid (average up) your position until we get abnormal volume at which point we will slowly exit and cash in profits if all goes well.