The real "heavy", should be high quality and reliable products. Currently most of the enterprises in the heavy machinery industry in China is still in the "copying the manufacturing stage", that is poor reliability, shortage of control technologies, lagging equipment performance, problems persisted, such as short life, it lags behind of 5-10 years than advanced countries in general.
     Finally, a true "heavy" machine during production should also be facilitated by the Fund group expansion; enterprises should become capital-intensive, heavy machine intelligence-intensive enterprise. Currently heavy machinery enterprises are no longer as cash-strapped as before, but with sufficient development funds for some large enterprises still is a matter of deliberations.
     For example, in 2006 China National building material group had tried to participate in the Shenyang heavy machinery Group Corporation, Shenyang mining machinery group restructuring, but ultimately because of the huge debt of the two companies and relocation costs and a large personnel burden, they had to give up. China General Manager Wu Shengfu said that problems of enterprises in equipment manufacturing industry is capital shortage, most of their funds are from bank loans. For heavy machinery industry’s rapid development, sustainable funding capacity remains very important.
     Impressive growth in the heavy machinery industry is great. But in addition to growth, if heavy machinery technology contents is more  "heavy", quality of the machine itself is more excellent, heavy machinery Enterprise funding is more strong, so that industry can be really "heavy".
     Really "heavy", it should be technology-intensive products. Foreign experts believe that heavy machinery replaced the manual labour of the people in the construction field, but traditional machinery also failed to address the physical and physiological burdens of good people, let alone free people’s mental and psychological burden.
Therefore, modern heavy machinery should be "given spiritual products", it should be the thinking brain, sensory, neural networks, five organs and electromechanical integration system of the hand and foot bone.From this point of view, homemade heavy machine still has a long way to go in terms of productivity, work quality, operational performance and the degree of automation and other aspects. More information about ore beneficiation, please consult us.

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