Rock Charts - May 7, 2007

Da Gold/Metals Bull seems ta have turned decisively on Thursday May 3, 2007.  Lookit da white candles onna charts below.

Taday was a mixed bag, undecisive. 

Gold Bull is expected ta hit its stride mid-week!

Yours in vestin' inna Gold Bull!



NOT - continues move up on news of Windfall Gold drilling starting

- breaking 50 day MA onna strong volume

SGX is waiting for news on start of Onaman; drilling der Gold polymetallic property in Ontario.

SXL is awaiting news this week on assay results fo' der Nepisiguit VMS property in NB.

- dis looks like a flag/pennant formation 'bout ta break out

SSV is expected to issue news dis week onna new vein system in der Minas de Ameca property in Mexico.

- turnaround waiting ta happen

OK shoulda be releasing another update soon.

- strong chart, support from 50 day MA

UC - looks like a cup anna handle forming?

SF - bounced off bottom, turning around, MACD indicator crossing