Rock Alert!  - RSG Movin' Up - 24% last day

See chart anna postin'......nuff said......HardRock

RSG - SearchGold Resources

- Giaro goin' fo' Gold inna Gabon, anna Guinea

- Owns diamonds assets spun out

- Northam assets ta be spun out too

- future Rock's Double Duh - No Brainer! (ya heard it here first!)">

Tanks ta SYLbrother onna RSG Forum:


1,20$ ++ RSG value for 0,20 $ ... that's a good deal.

Philippe was mentionning early 2007 that the Gabon government wants a gold mine and I guess that might explain the exploration effort made by Managem to achieve this gold knowing they are back when they will go into production.

Before the drill program, they already had 270 000 ounces. Just the spectacular hole itself (49.5 m depth x 16 g/t x say 50m x 50m / 32 g/oounce x 2 t/m3 ) = 100 000 ounces in that spot only + the numerous other hits in Bakoudou.

I support Philippe last year guestimate while he said Managem won't stop the Gabon agressive drill program till the prouve up to 1M ounces.

At 30 % participation x 1M ounces x 500 $ profits (at current gold price) / 125M shares : 1,20 $ / share + Mandiana + Diamond play