Da Rock's - Terrrrrific Ten!!!

Watch out fo'.............KWG ta move wit ..........other Ring o' Fire news.

Just da way I see dat!




SGX - Sage Gold

- Gold/Polymetals explorer led by Nigel Lees!

- Jacobus lies 3 km n/w o' KXL's Golden mile deposits

- Also Nevada Pony Spur drillin' fo' gold anna Arizona drillin' Gold Hill inna mine


SXL - Slam Explorations

- Zinc/Lead/Silver/Gold explorer inna NB.

- dis SXL issa findin' mo' shallow Zn/Pb near Nash

- gettin' close ta 10 million ton resources


SF - Silver Fields

- Silver Explorer led by Chris England and Dr. Bowdidge

- PP down anna now for Winter/Spring exploration

- Drillin' innna Mexico fo' Silver


CMM - Century Mining

- Gold Producer in Peru/Canada led by Peggy Kent wit 6 operations!

- Pulled SUE acquisition!

- could surprise to upside with a good Qtr

- really cheap...one o'da Rock's Double Duh - No Brainers...lookit chart!

- Surprize 43.101 wit 5 milln oz o' Gold dis Friday

- Awaitin' 43.101 fo' SJ



ZMR - Zaruma Resources

- Copper/Gold inna Mexico backed by Glencore ta develop open pit Cu mine

- Solid anna safe.....anna could find Gold nearby 

- Feb 08....mo' copper found nearby..........when cuttin' road


KWG - Debuts Diamonds

- Diamonds inna On, next ta Debeer's Victor Operation, spin out as Debuts Diamonds DDI

- Surprise holder with SPQ o' Double Eagles largest land packages, close to NOT

- already have 7/8 VMS hits from earlier drillin'

- really cheap Double Eagle play.....another o' da Rock's Double Duh - No Brainers!

- SPQ ta drill in Feb onna 3 High Priority "NOT" style targets

- 4 separate drill programs ....dis Spring!



RSG - SearchGold Resources

- Giaro goin' fo' Gold inna Gabon, anna Guinea

- Owns diamonds assets spun out

- Northam assets ta be spun out too

- one o' da Rock's Double Duh - No Brainer stock pick

CBS - Bard Ventures

- Moly in da complete core in northern BC

- Drillin' inna da higher grade part o' property now

- Feb 08 mo' moly inna whole core

PRZ - Prize Mining

- Bonanza Gold at Atlin, in northern BC

- Bulk sample o' Gold deposit got bogged down inna clay!?!

- Assays ta be released inna 2008


 CCU - Constellation Copper

- Da Rock just picked up dis bottom fish @ .10 cents......interestin' chart

- Sulfide inna da copper ore atta der Lisbon Valley US operations caused da demise

- Anna hedgin' o' der entire 2007/2008 copper production dinna help

- Owns two copper prospects inna Mexico as well

- Da Rock added to position @ .06 cents......seems ta be no-brainer!....no mo' downside!