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Goombarh Flash29,  August 17, 2011
New Shale Prospect - Shoal Point Energy - SHP on CNQ Exchange
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Found another compellingprospect.  Shoal Point seems to bedrilling and testing on old oil property with very thick shale and siltstonelayers, over 100's of meters thick, due to folding from geologic action.  The shales also appear to have large andminute fractures.  
The Goombarh interprets from hisreasearch, that Shoal have found oil for sure.The only variable is whether they can economically recover it.  The basin that they are in is large, in thebillions of barrels contained, and they have lots of ground in area.  Now with the shales being so thick and interspersedwith siltstone, and being possibly fractured already, this is a very compellingsituation.  The oil may flow freely. Theyalready seem to say that the oil flow is in the range of 100's of barrels perday without further fracking.
Link to their corporate presentation:
Link to their well testing news:
This is not an easy stock to buy, asthe CNQ is unquoted and very illiquid.  Iam in process of accumulating a position.Share price is around .20 Cdn.
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InternationalFrontier Resources has moved up 50%  fromlast Flash and holding tough.
PrimaryPetroleum is moving today up 25%
AngloCanadian Oil moved up on news a few days ago.
DonnybrookEnergy is moving slowly on low volume.
In Summary,there is a starting recognition of Shale oil plays in North America.  This is early days for some of theseplays.  Check Seeking Alpha and search onShale oil and read the many authors writing about shale oil. Good Luck to you all.