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$HardRocks For You

2.5 stars

64361 Reads | 597 Comments | 29 People call this a favourite

Welcome to da Rock’s blog. Inna dis runnin' o' da Gold/Metals/Oil Bull o' 2010, da Rock hopes to share some info anna insights. Da Rock's lookin's fo' explosive dis year. May da Market Bull be good to all of us. Da Trading Rules (fo' myself) are simple: 1. Buy for Specific Info. 2. Buy Winners/ Cut Losers. 3. 2 Ps - Peoples anna da Potential. I'm flexible, I read a lot, I don't believe a lot of what I read, anna I don't follow any hard and fast TA…. but check da blog fo' a few insights dat I'll share wit ya. **********Dis blog is for information and fun - please do your own due diligence!*********

  • New Found Billions Of Barrels Of Shale Oil In Newfoundland

    126 Reads | 0 Comments | March 5, 2012 ======================================= ...   The Newfoundland government documents offering the oil exploration licenses for bids says this about the specific area: Port au Port #1 oil and gas tests and the presence of oil in seeps and drilled wells demonstrate that source rocks are mature...

  • FMS - Moving

    174 Reads | 0 Comments | February 24, 2012

    from da Goombarh: ===================================   They have a graphite deposit in Quebec Canada, that they are expediting to production.  Graphite seems to be another specialty product that is catching the investment fancy.  Their deposit seems to be higher grade than others and infrastructure is close.  Costs for production seems to be low, at under $100 million...

  • WZR and PTA moving up from cups

    119 Reads | 0 Comments | February 13, 2012

      from da Goombarh's blog =====================   Two Oils Moving - Westernzagros in Kurdistan & Petroamerica in Columbia   Hello Readers, Dateline: Feb 13, 2012 Just noticed on my screens this morning, that Westernzagros in Kurdistan, is now moving out of their cup bottoming formation and breaking through the rim resistance...

  • Breakout - Shoal Point Energy SHP on CSNX

    3653 Reads | 2 Comments | February 1, 2012

    Da Goombarh selects Shoal Point Energy and it breaks out 1 week later.   =============================================   Tuesday, January 31, 2012 Shoal Point Energy Breaks Out !     ================================================ Hello Reader, I am using this tidbit to...

  • Goombarh Picks SLX - Silvermex

    103 Reads | 0 Comments | January 27, 2012

    See dis survey of 14 Silvers.......   ...Silvermex is an old favourite (see interview with previous CEO) that is a combined Silvermex and Genco Resources. Duane Nelson, CEO relates that Silvermex is targeting increasing production at their La Guitarra Mexican mine to 3 million ounces per year from the...

  • PetroAmerica Hits Light Oil - PTA.v, PTAXF

    100 Reads | 0 Comments | August 31, 2011

    Chek out da following link to a new Goombarh Flash postins:Just da way I see dat!HardRock Wednesday, August 31, 2011PetroAmerica(PTA, PTAXF) - Moving Up ...Aug 31, 3011 seems tobe moving a bit upwards...===========================Goombarh Flash 30,  August 25, 2011Bottom Fishing - Draggedup a...

  • PetroAmerica (PTA, PTAXF) - Moving Up

    120 Reads | 1 Comment | August 31, 2011

    Chek out da following link to a new Goombarh Flash postins:Just da way I see dat!HardRock

  • Vast Exploration - VST going to 50 cents!

    110 Reads | 0 Comments | August 30, 2011

    Sent out to ma group yesterday:======================Hi friends,Justposted on Vast forum.Underpriced,based upon misunderstanding news release.Justda way I see dat!HardRock============================Incase yas dinna understand ma previous post.Niko is carrying Vast in thisdrilling.Vast still owns 34.78% of this prospect.The previous NR causedshare price to tank.This funny worded NR is hard to...