1)      The PP is expected to close this week
2)      The resource estimate is expected by March 31st
3)      The Feasibility Study is expected June 30th
4)      There are no fish bearing waters immediately adjacent Schaft Creek. The Project is designed to minimize any potential of ARD into the ecosystem surrounding the project.
5)      All of the Schaft Creek team is looking forward to attending the TSX spotlight event in Toronto. We are scheduled to attend the market opening in the morning and have a series of events scheduled throughout the day.

1. I'm wondering when the private placement is excepted to close?
 2. Any updates when the resource estimate will be out?
 3. When the Feasibility Study at Schaft Creek is expected be out?
4. On behalf of many other shareholders... There has been some concern of fish bearing waters around Schaft Creek, Could you comment on this?
 5. And could you comment on the March 31st TSX spotlight event.