With a Possible buy out in early 2011 by TECH, CUU.V is my top 2011 pick. There is rumor that they could have over 40 million ounces of gold based on old resource estimates (2007 I think). And insiders keep buying, they own over 10 million shares! I love CUU.V and will be holding till a buyout.

Today we had a run up and were up 12% already. Lots of news should be coming early next year. http://www.stockhouse.com/tools/?page=%2FFinancialTools%2Fsn%5Foverview%2Easp%3Fsymbol%3DV%2ECUU%26table%3DLIST

Just go some DD and check out the board and Canadian Insider trades. Lots of info!

Happy New Years To Everyone.