Company Last Trade Change % Change Volume Gain Since Added  

 Fund com Inc (FNDM) 0.13 0.01   +72.87 % 
 First Lithium Resources Inc (V.MCI)  0.00 % 
 Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd (V.MTB)  +34.48 % 
 Passport Potash Inc (V.PPI) 0.085 +70.00 % 
 Terrane Metals Corp (V.TRX) 1.34  +55.81 %

This was the first year I decided to dedicate to just trading rather then working and it worked out great.

Some other Stocks I flipped but sold were BMK.V, AZA.Z, BNT.V and CWY.V

Suffered only two small losses at the beginning of the year and since then I have been flying in clear sky's.

Good Luck to everyone else.