Could this be another Ventana?
A new company is about to be spun out from WildcatSilver the same way as Ventana in 2006.


Riva Gold is a subsidiary of Wildcat SilverCorp., whichhas signed a definitive agreement to acquire exploration properties inthe highly prospective greenstone belts in Guyana, South America.Relative to its neighbouring countries, Guyana’s mining sector isunder-explored and under-developed, presenting a unique opportunity forRiva Gold to identify and develop new gold discoveries.

Richard Warke, who will bechairman and chiefexecutive officer ofRiva, said: "These approvals bring us one step closer to deliveringanother quality project to Wildcat shareholders. We believe the Mammothproperties in Guyana represent great potential for a high-grade,large-tonnage, open-pit gold discovery, and we plan to launch afirstphase drill program as soon as possible."

About Noseno:

Within the zone there are three high-grade veins which have been minedextensively by hand, each one metre wide with a traceable length of atleast 410 metres. In addition there are many smaller quartzveins thathave been mined intermittently. Sampling  programs to date have shownthe smaller quartz veins and one of thelarge quartz veins graded from 30to 110 grams per tonne gold. Artisanal mine tailings assayed from 4.96to 21.74 grams per tonne gold with only one of five assays being lessthan 10.00 grams per tonne gold.

Historical exploration work has identified drill targets on the Noseno 1property, and the Company plansto launch a first phase drill programin the near future.

Could this be another Ventana Gold which we saw increase by 800% in afew short months?

Who knows, but it's the same jockey and I would have to bet it's agood horse. Ventana was also bought by Wildcat and then spun out. I¡'llno doubt be a buyer of Riva when it comes to trade. Meanwhile all of usWS shareholders will be getting a nice bonus once this deal is done.

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