, the reverseauction site from InternetArray, Inc. (OTC:INAR) is revealing it's datefor public beta launch after a strong showing in private beta. OnNovember 2nd, the site will open to the public as a beta site. Thisfollows a strong private beta that lasted less than two weeks in whichover fifty direct enhancements were made and stress tests on featuresand functionality outperformed benchmarks.

"The private beta went better than expected." said Michael Black, CEOof Internet Array. "We've gotten some terrific feedback from ourprivate beta testers and have implemented changes based on it. There isa level of anticipation from people that want to get in there and helpus push development forward and we are excited to get it started."

Reviewthe results of the private beta by visiting and make sure to reserveyour spot for the public beta by visiting People can also follow BidSellBuy forupdates on Twitter at or find them onFacebook at

About (

BidSellBuy.comcombines a unique auction and purchase functionality that willchallenge the way people currently buy goods online by using theindividuals that buyers are connected to on social networks to disruptthe normal buying cycle and offer new ways to shop online. Socialnetworks have continued their meteoric growth, with Facebook leadingthe pack and now counting 250 million active users worldwide.'s new site is being developed by Noobis, Inc., an InternetArray company focused on social media applications.

Watch out Ebay

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