Now around 47 cents and much like its bigger sister or brother takes advantage of projects that need cash.

Selling below industry average at 1.3 to box.

Added a starting position and now we wait to either add or flip based on market and SND


Sandstorm Metals & Energy Ltd (Sandstorm) is a resource based company. The Company seeks to complete commodity purchase agreements with companies that have advanced stage development projects or operating mines. A commodity purchase agreement involves Sandstorm making an upfront cash payment to its partners and in exchange, it receives the right to purchase a percentage of the commodity produced for the life of the asset, at a fixed price per unit. Sandstorm helps other companies in the resource industry grow their business, while acquiring attractive assets in the process. The Company's projects include Donner Metals, NovaDx, Royal Coal, Terrex Energy and Thunderbird Energy. In January 2013, the Company together with Novadx Ventures Corp. acquired Mine 12, the Turley Rail Load-Out, and the Smokey Junction Preparation Plant located in Campbell and Scott Counties, Tennessee.