Bid for ELD 5.85 - low 5.95 so close
Also bid for YRI not even close tomorrow
Also bid 7.95 for MGO, low 8.01, next time, maybe maybe not.

Gold up one day down the next but gold stocks going down to our old entry point  - want some before next fed meeting.

Not much trading today finally got OIL for 10.69, now 11.54 - keeping

Also finally got VNP  5.74 have been waiting a few days for this one -now 6.40 - this one is hot. Blogged about this one.  ENG added alittle more 500 @ 2.69 the low of the day, right timing, lucky.

Kept the rest - still red but not very much -  a few grand now - one moregood day and I will be in the green. PBG down still large 45 now Ibought average 50 so this one is a real drag. Even finally with TIMthanks to hedging down and down with APV, API, PDN, OYL.U, and PLS noweven.