Stillwater Mining Company (NYSE:SWC)

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned three PGM plays ELR, PAL and SWC and so far all three have done real well. It is to be noted that a deficit of palladium is around the corner. The reasons are:

1)      Production bottlenecks in South Africa, which accounts for almost 35% of global palladium supplies;

2)      Shrinking supplies of palladium in Russia, which accounts for 15% of global palladium supplies;

3)      Recovering global demand, driven largely by improving global auto sales, especially in the US.

Our faviourite is still SWC due to many factors they report Feb 18 and this could create pre-quarter move up. Also they have great exposure Palladium.

Bias as we own ELR and SWC.