All the above names are now trading at what we see as a discount - some we are waiting on to hit our target price but are now considered entry level.

YRI - downgraded to hold, now trading mid 14 cheap but risk short term

OSK - hit due to fears of production cost overruns - justified somewhat but oversold

SEA - not this cheap in a long time - rational again production cost fears

UUU - what can one shay - a shorters dream - hit 3 range - way oversold

OIL - North sea production cost 70 so sold off due to oil hitting 85 range - in extreme hit 12

MGO - originally entered high 5 sold - last quarter missed street and added more shares - will fly again, entering high 6 range - very soon.

There are others on our watch list, all the above we own, do your DD as they can all dive and we hedge with HOD, HMD, HGD, HAD, HOU, HMU, HGU, and HAU daily based on oversold or overbought conditions to cover loses.

Taking a word of wisdom from our friend DAVE2006 - you push the bid and ask, and keep the profits so remember that we do not recommend anything - just what we do.