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255174 Reads | 3319 Comments | 113 People call this a favourite

This is a shared blog that discuss markets,trends and companies with the aim of helping ourselves make money in stocks,if others benifit it is fine with us.DISCLAIMER - We present info that we think is correct but we could be proved wrong.We do not solicit a buy or sell in any stock mentioned and we do not encourage you to follow our lead.We encourage you to consult yr advisors before committing to a buy or sell. We are more of a traders than investors and our comments are all for the very short term in general.

  • Love inflation for you are a commodity bug

    29 Reads | 0 Comments | 5 hours ago

    Okay, finally inflation is creeping in (slowly) and this will over time decrease the USD and help bring back to life the gold bugs.  Inflation for example is now over2% and this means everything cost a little more so your hard earned money is worth less - so large hedge funds will be the first to move in and buy protection (gold0 so are already loading up - then comes the brokers and...

  • NPR.UN

    65 Reads | 1 Comment | April 4, 2015

    Added mid to high 23.00 range  7% yeild and pretty cheap  May flip or hold  Make a ton of cash in the northern part of Canada  - getting hit due to cheap oil and NWT stalling out but high Arctic and southern holding doing well. book value around 26 to 27 so nice either way. 

  • Espial Group Inc.(TSE:ESP)

    70 Reads | 1 Comment | March 30, 2015

    3.46  +0.70 (25.36%) Unsure why the big upswing today but sure is nice  

  • Added starting position in PPY

    75 Reads | 1 Comment | March 24, 2015

    Added a nice starting position near the close at around 6 dollars - why - grat land package and partnership with ALA.  Yes lower spending this year and some delays will cause issues but with low prices this is considered fair.  ALA bought in at 12 dollars and it could be argued that Painted Pony’s reserves report was considered among the best of what we have seen to-date in...

  • DRT and PEIX up over 25% today

    71 Reads | 1 Comment | March 5, 2015

  • Gold Next week

    115 Reads | 0 Comments | February 28, 2015

    India keeps the 10% import duty on gold, that is slightly gold bearish. But the finance minieter of India created investment instruments that will turn out to be very bullish as it rewards people to hoard gold. The minister aim is to reduce gold imports by mobilizing some of the 20000 tons of households gold. But he missed the point. one of the instruments is Redeemable Gold Bonds, it works...

  • ELD mine issue in Greece may get resolved.

    37 Reads | 0 Comments | February 25, 2015

    Official says they ae not against the mine per se but want to review permits and whether ELD is abidig by conditions. We added today at 6.86 and 9.94, we walk the talk.

  • Gold is running out of bearish news

    169 Reads | 2 Comments | February 23, 2015

    1- Greece gets temporary relief 2- Unkraine apparent ceasation of hostilities. 3- America is in recovery 4- oil is stuck about 50 dollar per bbl 5- FEDs may raise rates in June. 6- iSIS in retreat. 7- Ameican indexes near all time highs All the above are factored into current gold price and it is taken for granted they will pan out lomg term.. we are sceptical that they pan out...