Newmac recently announced some very nice grab samples - (2m of 46.7 g/t Au) and have accelerated a drill campaign based on these results. The company has a very tight float, is cashed up and has a ridiculously low market cap of only 3 million.

Below are some notes on the company.
Newmac (NER.V) has two main properties:
1/ Raft Property (Gold)
2/ Crazy Fox Property (Molybdenum) 

Things I really like about the company:
Newmac bought back 4,186,000 of its own shares between 0.04-0.06 but the interesting thing is they did not cancel these shares.  This will allow them to sell these back into the market for capital when the stock appreciates, thus saving them the need to dilute.

Cashed up: They had about $700k at the end of Q2 and just raised another $200k with the recently announced flow-through financing.  

Proceeds from the flow-through-unit private placement will be used to explore the company's Raft property located in British Columbia. (Insiders of Newmac bought up a good chunk of the PP) 

They were looking for Moly and it looks as if they stumbled upon some gold. Here is timeline of events:

Nov 2 - Newmac grab samples two m of 46.7 g/t Au at Raft (Trench E has located the high-grade bedrock source of gold on the Raft property for the first time in history.)  

They were not planning on drilling until 2011 but 2 days later they announced that they are going to start a diamond dill program right away. They must like what they saw 

Nov 4 - Newmac to start Raft diamond drilling Nov. 12. 

Let's look at the shares structure (before the PP):

33.3M million shares outstanding
4.18M in Newmac's treasury (bought back between 0.04-0.06)

This leaves us with 29.1 million shares of which insiders own 18.5% (5.4M) of;

2.0M - David Hjerpe
1.7M - Pathway Asset Management
777.3K - Rober McCarter
404.2K - James Morton
422.9K - David Schmidt
5.4 million (18.5%)

So the remaining float is 23.7 million shares - this is a tight share structure. We know they have gold on their property, the question is how much. If they can hit some decent lengths with the current drill campaign this stock will trade at multiples of what it is trading at today.

These are the companies I love to invest in.  Buy them early when there is no noise and wait.