It's not often you get to buy a company valued at 0.23 for 0.15.   Well today you can and the company is called Resinco Capital Partners.

Resinco® Capital Partners is a global investment company which specializes in providing early stage financing to private and public exploration and mining companies in the hard rock minerals, precious metals, rare-earth minerals, oil, gas, water and renewable energy markets.

I've compiled a list of all their investments and built a spreadsheet that helps me determine the current NAV.  Based on their fully diluted share structure (134,853,885 shares) the current NAV is over 0.23. That's  55% difference from their current share price of 0.15!

Here's is a link to my spreadsheet.  This link will update whenever I make changes to it.

A lot of the companies they are invested in are currently breaking out as well.  
Here is a nice view of some of the charts of these companies. 

It won't be long before the market properly values Resinco but there may be an opportunity here to make a quick 50% and possibly more if their investments keep going up.