Excerpt from insight on silver-zinc mining stock (with thousands of ounces in gold too), its metrics are amazing and share price is destined to go higer from here. Here is URL of insight that is recommended reading http://miningmarketwatch.net/abi.htm

"Shares of V.ABI are poised to move higher as they are currently trading at less than
.04 per Zn-equivalent lb found at the Abcourt-Barvue project alone, a level generally attributed to earlier stage exploration companies with resources. The current share price is only attributing value to the in-ground zinc resources at the Abcourt-Barvue project - ignoring its large ~20M oz silver resources, the 215K+ oz gold resources at Elder, other properties and the significant infrastructure the Company possesses from when it was a past producer at the silver-zinc operation and the Elder Gold mine sites.
 With only ~110M shares outstanding (151M fully diluted) and trading under CDN
.30 V.ABI is ripe for significant upside revaluation to better reflect the inherent resource value and immense gold, silver, and zinc potential; <$1.00 per share would seem a more appropriately discounted trading price."

Undervalued & Ripe for Buyout or Spin-Off to Unleash Value
Abcourt Advancing to Reopen Two Past Producers
1) 215,758 oz Gold at Elder -- Drilling Program Underway with Objective to Double Resource and Access Vein for Reopening of Gold Mine
2) 19,644,354 oz Silver + 278,820 Metric Tonnes Zinc + Feasibility Study in Place with New Developments that Position it for Larger 1M TPY Operation