From «FINDING THE LOW» Blog list & pass picks

 We did catch 2 good ones with very good results & action.

PEC & PEM were posted here when low was building, since few weeks.


Posted first on July 27th:

 SP was 7¢ – 7.5¢

Recent high .23¢

Actual SP: .23¢

From low 7¢ to actual SP .23¢

It’s a +228.58%

Chart link:

I like when I can grab a good one at the bottom and see that kind of results.


Here a 2nd one catches when the 2e low was building,


Posted first on Sept 27th:

SP was .6¢ - 7.5¢

Recent high 14.5¢ (Oct 2nd)

Actual SP .11¢

From low .6¢ to high 14.5¢ was a +141.67%

To actual SP it’s now an +83.33%

Chart link:


   Of course after a strong and good run overbought is inevitable and showing up, we need to see 1st overbought cooling down

Stocks all working into cycles,

From oversold to overbought & from overbought to oversold…

   About PEM,

  Still in a normal pull need to see 1st where the SP will settle and build a new floor (often the place to load or re-load)… from there, and if TA start shaping up again could see another upswing… now on the wait and see mode…

  Check closely the SP action, the best (+) picture here is building into a sideway trend (9.5¢ - 12¢) 9.5¢ is now the new support and .12¢ is now new resistance. Also check the Volumes, actually fading check slight increase… Volumes often speak.

PEM into a higher high and higher low pattern...

   About PEC,

   Yesterday close on a big white candle (very positive) with more than 10 million in volumes. I think we could still see some upside in the short term. But remember, after yesterday strong move could be near the high… Of course overbought is showing up here too… Could see a pull in coming times, for me, its wait to see where the SP will first settle and build new floor.

If so, and if TA start building again could become a good entry level.

Just my TA opinion & reading here, please Dyodd!

   And I hope you will agree because I’m taking some benefit this morning (being proud and updating today) from picking up good ones at the lowest SP level…  That’s the real objective of this blog finding them at the low level (of course they don’t run all like these 2, unfortunately) but when it does, well I’m very proud, I did blog them before the run occur. 

Keep in mind that I own most of the Stocks I’m blogging about…