After posting this theory I received several inboxes inquiring about "The World River Of Gold".
Here is how I found about it:

Last summer I was introduced by a friend to the "Mysterious Mr. X" who had returned to Calgary for a visit after moving to Ecuador several years ago.

I could best describe him as an  "Indiana Jones" hat and all who had been chumming with the locals in Ecuador panning for alluvial gold and was also busy deciphering ancient symbols there on art work, pottery,etc.

Meeting him for coffee that summer afternoon he was telling me about this theory he and 2 geologist buddies were pursuing in Ecuador but also in several other locations around the world.
He had with him an old book, long out of print he found in a used book store  about it and I don't remember the name of it.

They have been all over the world looking for evidence about this.

When Aurellian was taken over by Kinross and sometime later Ecometals spiked from it's all time low on huge volume I took note and discovered Eco's properties were next to and close to Aurellian and thought they were on
"This river of gold" reading through the old drill intercepts of gold and bought as many shares I could in the teens speculating this just might be the " Once in a lifetime BIG ONE"

This is a true story...take from it what you want......