Skysthelimit present aliase easyoasy has being bashing PTR.V for years now, he came to us first in the aliase of Fritz before I believe Fritz was ejected from Stockhouse. I belive this individual is a paid boiler room basher in the UK and is his organization is funded by 1 or 2 former disgruntled employee's of Petromin Resources
I believe the research provided below provides undisputable proof to my allegations.
If bashers are a concern to you I believe you may find this interesting and can serve as a template for exposing bashers elswhere perhaps, if so I am can to contribute to this cause.
The common denominator throughout is:
1) Skysthelimit's aliases are all listed with stockhouse as been from the UK, where I believe he operates out of a boiler room. The only exception is his easyoasy aliase which he registered as been from Canada.
2) All aliases post 98% on one board at a time
3) From 2005 , Skysthelimit and his alaises bashed a public company into near oblivion called Aspen Resources, an O&G Co. based out      of Calgary untill  2007 when I believe they where delisted from the TSX and today they trade on the pink sheets @ .01 (see link)
4) Standard operating proceedure is to defend aliases at all times by always alledging that legitimate posters are all aliases and repeat the message over and over and over untill it starts to resonate with onlookers, this action is meant to defelect the reality, that the opposite is what is actually taking place.
Skysthelimit on ASR bashing and alledging all others of being aliases:

5) He always claims he owns shares, and wants the company to do well, but strangely enough, he never has anything good to say or report.
Posters on both PTR now and ASR in 2007 continually disputed his claim that he owned shares.
6) If you look at the date skysthelimit registered with stockhouse according to the links provided you will see it states 04/202008, but if you look at his profile today, you will see he 07/30/2007, 
He was ejected from stockhouse and then re-registered as skysthalimit see:
Then he managed to get back in with his old handle again. same as when he was Fritz and changed his handle as he was put on ignore.
7) He always uses his alaises to rate himself up and all other down

Here is some aliases I can prove he uses out of the probably 30 or more, but this should be enough to prove my point.

threadlightly who bashed V.PTR once I think, and forever on V.ASR and is also the administrator of public Aspen Shareolders Group

itsbeenalongday bashed PTR but traced him back to skystehlimit old bashing board ASR which is now pinksheet ASRPF

Fritz34 bashed on ASR for ever....and was first to start bashing PTR untill he switched to skysthelimit
And PTR !

rocksarehard I can't find right now, but he bashed PTR a couple of times too that I remember, note how he supports Fritz & itsbeenalongday and accuses all others of being aliases  (same old pattern)
He is also the administrator of the closed Aspen Group ($ASR)

easyosoeasy ,Sky's biggest fan
From the start easy always addresses everyone as Mr.
and then one day just when he is about to kicked off of stockhouse he changes, and sounds just like Skysthelimit
And Sky comes on 2 minutes later and admits it was no mistake. 
Here is sky using both his aliases easy & itbeenalong day talking to each other trying to do damage control on liableous statements
When sky was booted from stockhouse, none of us knew untill he threatened us all through his easy alaise for it...this is he calls it "schoolboy error"

Agard is another animal, not sure if sky is him and his boiler room gets paid to pump V.SKY & V.EWK but the connection is, that the only board I can see that rocksarehard or Easyoasy ever posted on other than ASR is V.EWK
Here he is on ASR in 2007
And V.EWK and V.SKY today

The connection is Sky's best friend who bashed PTR only, on a steady basis, did only one post ever on another board, coincidentialy, that board was V.EWK
Then there is ontnixitup3 posted all the time on ASR & EWK TOO!!! The coincidences are hard to believe.

Then there is rocksarehard, ASR old faithfull lone post on EWK too
Note: he is now the Administrator of Aspen closed Group ($ASR)

Finally once Skysthelimit and his alaises bashed ASR into oblivion, I believe he used aliase stockholder3 who only  posted once ever it appears,and is also listed as been from the UK, to call for legal action against ASR posters ontnixitup3 and fyrftr
, but really I believe he was just playing devil's advocate this one time against 2 that represented his opposition. Just a hunch, but a very twisted game they played there to be sure!

Since I originally posted this blog stockholder3 posted this on the PTR thread:
In my defence this was my response:
Disclosure: While I believe all of the identities I highlight above are one and the same person, I may be wrong about some of the material I provided, but, if so, I strongly believe it would be less than 5%.
I do not work and am in no way affiliated with either of the companies mentioned here, however I do own a lot of shares in Petromin Resources.
The patterns are the same all the time and easy to recognise if one knows what to look for, I considered this a project of forensic investigation and I found it quite amusing, my job was not as hard as other stockhouse users may encounter with attempting to expose other bullboard bashers as skysthelimit is not that smart and left a strong paper trail to link him back to all the others.

Just the same I strongly encourage stockhouse users to put in some effort to expose this loosers as I believe they are the one deterent that stops stockhouse from becoming all that it was intended.
If having to pay a nominal fee to belong would help pay for software that enables stockhouse to identify multiple aliases and dissallow it, then I am all for it.
Regards GLTA and always do your own due diligence and never take the word of any poster on a bullboard
Shaker 13