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Originally aired: June 11, 2007

Climate: LCFS report director Alex Farrell discusses nationwide implementation of Calif. fuels plan

Today's OnPointWith several proposals in the House and Senate for the creation of a nationwide low carbon fuel standard (LCFS), California's LCFS plan is seen as a model for what the rest of the nation can achieve. During today's OnPoint, Alex Farrell, director of the UC Berkley Transportation Sustainability Research Center and director of the report, "A Low Carbon Fuel Standard for California," discusses the feasibility of California's proposal to reduce the carbon intensity of its transportation fuels by 10 percent by 2020. Farrell says the most successful national approach will seek to regulate the effect of global warming and will allow the market to choose which technologies will be best for creating low carbon fuels. Farrell also compares California's low carbon fuel standard to President Bush's 20-in-10 proposal.

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