V.PTR & their partner Enviro Energy which trades on the HK (8182) and run by the same principals are to my knowledge the only foreign companies that a have production sharing contract with PetroChina on any of their properties in the Province of Xingjiang, in the sweet spot of the Junngar Basin on the outskirts of Capital city, Urumqi with the mentioned East West Pipeline in the above article crossing right through their property.
Rich in Shale Gas & CBM (Extensive Drill & Frac Program about to commence)
Personally I like being invested in a emerging shale gas play in a very tight & undersupplied market like China with a incredible rising demand environment rather than in a oversupplied and weakening demand scenario like what is taking place in North America.....But hey that's just me I guess.
Market will wake up to this one very soon..imo
One just has to decide if they wait for that or be in early while it is still under radar.
They get a 25% mark up incentive over whatever the current NG spot price is for all unconventional gas.
Good luck to all the tire kickers out there.