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The distinguished Alberta scientist highlighted in this article retired from the Alberta Research Council and joined the International Advisory Council of a Micro Cap venture exchange traded stock called Petromin Resources / ticker is PTR.V   website is
They are spearheading CO2 sequestration in China and Kuwait for enhanced oil recovery, enhanced coalbed methane recovery.
Joint ventured with PetroChina,China United Coalbed Methane and Shanxi Energy in China,
and United Oil Projects (UOP) of Kuwait and working with (KOC) Kuwait Oil Company and (KISR) Kuwait Institute of Science & Research

Petromin which is founded by CEO Kenny Chan, and their sister company also founded by Kenny Chan called Enviro-Energy International Holdings listed on the Hong Kong (GEM) exchange or the Growth Enterprise Market under the ticker (8182) which will be the financing arm for China & Kuwait projects and has a Master Service Agreement which entails Petromin receiving a interest in all revenues from Enviro-Energy.
I believe this is an excellant way for investors to participate in the Enviromental Revolution that Dr. Bill Gunter compares to the Industrial Revolution of the 1800's and reap large rewards as these 2 companies lead the pack in providing the dual solution of Combatting Climate Change and providing Energy Security.

I like to think of  my holding's in this 2 companies, to those investors that took positions in Microsoft's stock back in 1986.
History will be my judge if I have truly discovered "Midas"

Of course this is just one mans opinion and I strongly suggest anybody looking at these stocks do their ow DD and seek input from a investment advisor.

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