Area Play Shaping Up? ...Perhaps!

This news could be viewed as a suggestion that perhaps litlle old venture micro-cap V.PTR has got it right with their already established Shale Gas/CBM Production Sharing Contract with PetroChina on their TWE Property in the Junngar Basin in Xingjiang....Untill now with the entrance of Shell, they were the only International there.....and now with them coming to the end of their 5 year pilot drilling program in 2011 they are very likely a strong take-out candidate if their planned fracing program this summer goes well.
Not just JMHO but the CEO of their partner Enviro Energy seems to think this is a good chance.
Enviro Energy CEO / Kenny Chan Interview :

Here's a digital property overview of their P.S.C. property:

Recent Released Independent Unconventional Gas in China Analysis:
                             "Berstein Research Report"

Central Government issued this policy news which could also add value to those working in the unconventional space in China:

This infrastructure news as part of China's National 12th five year plan also came out after the research report was released:

Final Note: Enviro/Petromin recovery estimates could vary due to their ability to incorporate CO2 Sequestration technology for enhanced coalbed methane commonly referred to as ECBM.
Their non-for-profit partner, the Alberta Research Council (now renamed Alberta Innovation)  are currently conducting the worlds first ever multi-well CO2 sequestration test pilot project in the Quinshi Basin in co-operation with China United Coalbed Methane (CUCBM), a previous single well test conducted by them in China yielded recovery rates up to 80% and better.

The results from this pilot and the prospects for TWE being a potential host to a CO2  ECBM program given the ample CO2 supply the nearby city of Urumqi hosts with chemical factories,cement factories and proposed CTL plants would make it an idea candidate, if this were to happen, estimated recovery rates could rise significantly, possibly from the current estimate of 50% up to 80%

Disclosure: I own shares in both EE & V.PTR and look forward to getting a glimpse under the hood of TWE this summer.

Regards and GLTA